Apparently he did the breaking up, and she's refusing to tell my mom the details, which obviously means she's going to tell me zero. I hope she's okay. But seriously. Bullet DODGED.

*for those not familiar with the story, my sister's now ex (yayyyyyyy!!!!) boyfriend is a known abuser who is 18 years her senior with two kids, one of whom is two years younger than my sister. He assaulted his wife, but it's okay because she cheated on him! and repeatedly abused his two children, to the point where the oldest, who is in jail, will not speak to his father because of the way he treated the youngest. He is creepy, a total misogynistic asshole, and the most legalistic and judgmental religious person I've ever met. He's made my mom cry by saying mean things to her (including "you don't love your daughters") on numerous occasions. But my sister is young and a virgin and super religious and won't listen to anyone about him.