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Best non-greasy sunscreens?

While I'm sure we'll get some more snow — at least on and off for the next couple of months — it is more or less springtime in my region now, which means lots and lots of outdoor time for me! Last year I almost bit the bullet and spent $48 on a big thing of Supergoop after trying it and LOVING it (non-greasy, smelled nice, lasted hours), but then I held back and returned to my normal cheapo, greasy sunscreens.

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But now it's that time again, so I figured I'd ask for recs. What sunscreens do you prefer (face, body, or both) for solid, non-greasy sun protection? Price point matters in that cheaper is always an upside, but because I'm pale and burn almost instantly, sunscreen is important to me and I'm not opposed to spending a little more for more pleasant stuff.

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