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Best Part Of Christmas This Year

CWhen minding my own business in a store just browsing and buying then having the time ruined with the most ANNOYING Xmas songs ever it really annoys me.

After this weekend I will be 11 months free from this song. The best part of Christmas is I do not have to listen to it for 11 months.


Mostly one exceedingly stupid, moronic line as well as far fetched line ever in modern music. “The choir of children sing their song. They practiced all year long. Ding dong. Ding Dong.”

The Ding Dong is effing annoying. If they did practice all year long I suspect the adults around them would tell them to go to a soundproof room to practice. I suspect the practice was zero minutes since Paul and gang sang that part.


The song is Wonderful Christmas Time.

No, hell no when I hear the song I am not having a wonderful time. Just get a blackboard and scratch nails on it would be a more pleasant sound.


I like Paul McCartney a lot but this song is just soooooo baaaaaad truly bad. Worst Xmas song ever.

Anyone like the song? If so whyyyyy?

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