Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I loved all the replies to my post yesterday about what the weirdest part of your job is—you guys have some weird jobs! It was fun reading the responses so I thought I would ask another job question today!

Today I want to know, what is the best thing about your job (other than getting to leave it at the end of the day/getting paid)? Griping about the shittiest thing about your job is sometimes needed to stay sane, but today let's be nauseatingly starry-eyed disney princesses of positivity, mmkay?


The best part of my job is when one of the kids comes running toward me and throws themselves into my arms, so I can lift them up and spin them around. And I get the BEST hugs from these little kiddoes, it makes all their shit (both figurative and literal) worth it.

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