Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

First of all, thanks everyone for the advice about downloading movies and TV to watch offline. It seems like that’s not a good option for me, so now I need to decide what movies to rent from iTunes. I’ve got roughly 14 hours to fill, accounting for flights there and back and now I need some good movies to watch on the plane. So far I’ve rented Pitch Perfect 2, Empire Records, and Gone Girl, and am considering spending the ridiculous price of $5 for The Edge of Seventeen.

Basically I need movies that are entertaining enough to make me forget that I’m squished into a tiny uncomfortable seat with no escape and movies where it doesn’t matter that I’m watching them on my 11 inch laptop instead of a big screen. So like, good movies, but not too good. (And ideally stuff that’s not on Netflix or Amazon because I’m so mad that I can’t watch them offline on my laptop and obviously don’t want to pay to rent something that’s on a streaming service I already pay for.)


Any fun suggestions?

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