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Best pulp novel series

This is mine. If telegraph from uk can do it badly and the writers get paid. Well so can't I post a list for free.

1) Execution series by Don Pendleton. First 38 novels are really chapters in a one man's war against the mafia. David Boreanaz from Bones would be ideal in the role.

2) Doc Savage. I love Monk and Ham, Savages two sidekicks. Ham in my mind is voiced by Jonathon Harris (Lost in Space). I love the inventive villians and wacky plots. Savage can be a bore though.


3) Destroyer series. First 8 books were serious but after that brilliant funny novels. Chiun getting a gold credit card plotline was hysterical.

4) Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern. A really good post nuclear war series set in the 1980s and 500 years after. The 500 years later is half the series. The hero and friends battles future Nazis for control of the world. Totally idiotic but fun. One of the few good post nuclear war series from that era thats just wacky. 1980s series.

5) Conan series by Robert E Howard. Yes pulpish fantasy sadly not done anymore.

Sadly I can't think of any female pulp writers. Not sure why.

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