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Been a while Groupthinkers, but I could really do with your help with revenge on a really creepy guy who would not stop harassing me at a Christmas event I was helping at this weekend.

So this weekend, I spent a day reading stories for pre-schoolers as part of my role as a placement student in the chaplaincy at a local huge business. It was part of a huge Christmas event for the wider staff with a couple of thousand people coming. I had been to some planning meetings and as a chaplain, part of our jobs is to network and build relationships so that we can best support individuals if they want a listening ear if tough situations arise such as deaths in the workforce. Me and this thirty something reasonably physically attractive guy had developed banter over the planning meetings, so we'd mock each other about me having to dress up as a minion or the like. (I was born mid nineties to put the age in perspective.)

On the day, this project was my baby and I had planned our little area reading stories for weeks, sourcing and buying books and the like. I saw the guy, who we will call Glen, towards the start of the day, and with other members of the team, I started off with the banter again, high fiving if we got a job done.

Later on in the day Glen was talking about his wife to the chaplains, and suggested getting coffee sometime when I was talking about applying for jobs for when I graduate. This isn't uncommon, I fairly often exchange cards with people for networking purposes, particularly since his wife was starting up a business. However, during the day, he got increasingly desperate to get my contact details, and increasingly creepy about saying things like, "I hope you wear that to our coffee" about my nativity costume as an angel.


At the end of the day, I was going to leave when Glen suggested we sneak off for a walk, and did I like dares *wink wink*. At this point, I felt I had made clear I was not interested in going for this coffee which was clearly not a coffee but he had already given me his email after spending half the day chasing me for mine. I had also said I had a boyfriend. Glen eventually said, "You're not going to email me are you?" To which I said "No."

He still said I should come and have a "cuddle" before I left.

Now I have his email, on a napkin. I would like to spam his email, I feel like the creeping married man needs a bit of light revenge. Groupthink. Best sites to sign him up for spam? Themed spam or hyper religious spam ideas welcome.

Edit: I think it might be best to leave it perhaps, having seen the comments. But thanks for your ideas.

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