The last day bring so many special moments:

1. "Ms. Jinx! Did you see where my beach ball went? The guys were pretending they were tits."

''We don't say tits to teachers."

"Oh, sorry. It must be a US thing. Boobies, then?"

2. "You were the only teacher I didn't hate."

3. "When you sign my yearbook, can you right how I was wonderful and did all my homework and was a true scholar? My parents would love to read that."

4. "That's not how you spell whore, whore. It has an E at the end.

5. "Can we put the balls up our shirts? We'll look pregnant."

6. [At my, "take it out "]: "It's okay, Ms. Jinx. I grew up in Boston. Everyone's just glad it's a fake.


7. "Is that poo?" Picks it up and smells it. "Oh! No. It's okay"