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Best way to pack books?

So it is time I start packing as we're moving soon-ish. We could move into the new place by the end of May, but we may take a bit longer just so we don't have to rush. Regardless, we need to start unfucking the apartment and packing like now.

I'm generally good at packing as I've moved 4 times (this will be the 5th) and all of my personal belongings can fit in the back of a small pick up truck for the most part. However, the one thing I have A LOT of are books. So. Many. Books.

Last time I moved I had less than a month to get out of my abusive stepdad's house so I basically threw all my shit into boxes and didn't think much about it, including my books. I realized quickly that piling all my books together into boxes was a bad idea because the boxes were not only INSANELY heavy but also close to tearing. So now I'm trying to figure out the best way to efficiently pack books. We're probably not hiring moving men for all the boxes (we may hire them to move the furniture, not sure yet) but instead my friends and I will just load up the truck, so I don't want the boxes to be so heavy I can't lift them.


So, best way to pack books?

OH! Also, suggestions for colors to paint my new room? I was thinking something along the lines of an eggplant color, but would that be too dark?

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