Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey, GT! How are you closets arranged? As of right now, I have tops arranged by color, with each color going tank-top to long-sleeve left to right. Dresses, skirts, work shirts, and outerwear have their own section. My closet is very wide with only one long bar for hanging.

How can I best rearrange it to make the most of the small space and keep forgettable pieces visible? The "by color" thing just isn't doing it for me anymore, because a lot of my tops are patterned. And trying to arrange them by type just gives me a headache, because my wardrobe is pretty varied. Should I just do that thing where I put them in all willy-nilly and pick the first thing from the left that I feel like wearing that day (and then put all clean things from the wash on the right)? Is there some super-awesome way you have your tops organized? Halp!

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