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Best Women's Magazine Recommendations?

Calling all recommendations! I have decided to start subscribing to some new magazines and so far I've signed up for Foreign Policy, The Economist, and Bitch. But I think I might want one more women's magazine, and I'm not sure which to get! I am seriously considering Bust because I read that it has good crafty stuff in it and I don't want to get a conventional magazine like Cosmo. I had Marie Claire for ages and it was pretty good but I want to branch out. Just as a note on my tastes, other magazines I've liked in the past include The Week and Good (which I actually really miss getting so maybe I'll get that too. Ahhhh too much money but I can't stop myself!!).

I want something with some beauty and fashion coverage, and also with lighthearted stuff in it in addition to more serious articles, because I can't be in serious-person mode all the time. A friend has recommended Nylon to me, but she likes it for the coverage of indie bands and I don't care whether or not a magazine has music stuff in it. That's not really what I am looking for. But if Bust has crafty stuff, that sounds awesome! I also like cooking/baking, but that's not a priority in a magazine for me either.


So, my lovelies: what are your favorite women's mags and why? What should I spend my $ on?

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