I was cleaning out a closet today and found a really thoughtful gift from my friend for my birthday last year. It’s a very pretty tie dye t-shirt. It has a really feminine cut, with a V-neck that knots at the cleavage. It was made by a woman artist friend of hers & I appreciate the spirit in which it was given, which I interpret as “creative ladies unite!” Except I will never wear it and I can’t think of anyone to give it to. It seems too soon to donate it with other stuff, so, back in the closet it goes. That’s my “what do I do?” gift.

Best gift: At the nursery getting plants with an ex in the early summer one year, I saw a nesting set of clay flower pots, 5 of them in a blue glaze. The biggest one is really BIG. I couldn’t afford them, but I really loved them. That Christmas, he told me he had to go to his car to get his phone. He came back in lugging them and dropped them in front of me. He remembered and had gone back to buy them at the end of the summer. I was soooooo happy.


The worst: I have a whole new set of kids~by~marriage in my life and it makes Christmas really fun. The kids are bigger now, but still fun to give gifts to. The adults exchange, as well. Without fail, their parents give me either a box of potpourri or a candle from Marshall’s, which would be fine if they gave that to everyone else. It would also be fine if I were not buying 5 gifts. It’s become a running joke with me & my sisters.

What are your gift stories? Or, are you really excited about something you are planning to give someone?