CareerBuilder just put out their annual survey about sick days taken in the U.S. and included the craziest excuses. They are as follows:

  1. Employee claimed his grandmother poisoned him with ham.
  2. Employee was stuck under the bed.
  3. Employee broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich.
  4. Employee said the universe was telling him to take a day off.
  5. Employee’s wife found out he was cheating. He had to spend the day retrieving his belongings from the dumpster.
  6. Employee poked herself in the eye while combing her hair.
  7. Employee said his wife put all his underwear in the washer.
  8. Employee said the meal he cooked for a department potluck didn’t turn out well.
  9. Employee was going to the beach because the doctor said she needed more vitamin D.
  10. Employee said her cat was stuck inside the dashboard of her car.

The cat excuse is probably my favorite, but there have to be better ones out there. What is the best worst excuse you’ve ever heard for not coming into work?

I think my all time favorite is still when my coworker called in and said she needed to make an emergency dental visit because she chipped a tooth eating a stale slice of bread.

The rest of the sick day stats can be read here, and they’re pretty interesting:…