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Bestie appreciation thread

Come tell us why your bestie is the best!

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I’ve been besties with the same woman for 29 years! How’s that even possible?!

Of course, I have a million awesome memories of her but a couple that always make me giggle are from a time when we worked at a hardware store together for a few years after high school.


The shortest one is a time when we were working across the store from each other. I’d gotten a cookie-flavored lip balm and shared with her.

About 15 minutes after the balm swap, I looked up and she and I were staring at each other, both doing duck lips so we could smell the lip balm. We both burst out laughing, seeing the other doing the weird thing we were each doing.


The other, longer, story happened on a night when we were both closing at the hardware store. We were the only two up front and it’d been a long day. We were tired and in a hurry to get outta there.

But then “You’re the One that I Want,” from Grease came on.

Without a word, we each dropped the stacks of receipts we were going through, turned to each other, and started singing and dancing. She was Olivia and I was John.

The shimmy back and forth, the walk away and return, the sexy up and down the stairs—we knew every word and move from watching Grease non-stop the summer before 7th grade.


We did the whole routine, never missing a move. As the music wound down, we looked at each other, started giggling, and hugged.

That’s when we heard a slow clap. As we looked around, the applause built and cheers started to erupt. We realized that the entire hardware department crew was lined up, watching us. We’d been so into our routine that we didn’t notice 5 guys 40 feet away, apparently watching the whole thing.


We each returned to our desks, put our heads down, and laughed the rest of the shift.

Your turn, GT! Tell us why your bestie’s the best—what are some of your favorite memories with your bestie?

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