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Betabrand Yoga Work Pants Review


  • Detailing on them to fake the zipper, pockets, button, etc is pretty nice.
  • the material is super thick so they're not see-through and there isn't much of a VPL to speak of
  • the elastic waist reminds me of maternity pants (maternity pants are the best stretchy pants, you don't even have to be pregnant to wear them and I highly recommend maternity leggings)


  • these will not be acceptable in the summer. Since the material is so thick and well, not-breathable these would be awful real fast in humid or warm weather
  • sizing is pretty limited. I bought a medium (I am a size 4-6 usually) and I could have easily gotten a large. Think 'American Apparel' when buying these - they do stretch but I would size up.
  • these are not pre-shrunk. I got the tall version even though I'm only 5'8" because they are going to shrink 2 inches in length if you put them in the dryer. I still plan on hand washing and laying flat to dry.
  • Their customer service is not great. I ordered these pants in January and they didn't ship until late last week. I had emailed and emailed and I got only two responses - "Sorry, we had a problem with our supplier and are backed up" and "These have shipped". I get that sometimes the supplier could mess up their order but it would have been nice of them to email me and say "This will take longer than anticipated - we will update you when we know more, thanks for your patience" or something like that. But instead, I just got like, no answer. Then when they finally answered the email was super sarcastic which I didn't appreciate. I wasn't even rude in my one-two sentence emails, "Hello, my order number is XXXX, can you update me on the shipping status?" Just awful service.


I am considering saving up my $$$ for another pair in navy blue and probably that herring bone one they're making- I love the product but Betabrand's customer service leaves much to be desired. The quality of these pants is like, really, really nice. Their customer service is fucking awful and they better hope that Gap or J. Crew or some other major retailer doesn't start making something similar or they're done for. These are really nice but if something is going to take 6-8 weeks to ship they need to email their customers and update them with their product's status without sarcasm.


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