..give me your wisdom.

At the least, tell me what to do. I have a decent idea & I have $300 in cash, waiting fire~proofly in my freezer for her & him to enclose in the card.

Long story I will make short: My best friend’s niece invited me to her wedding. I AM OVERJOYED for so many reasons, not the least of which is being her Auntie Krabby forever & ever. Her venue is the type where you pay just for the room & have to bring everything else in. It overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge & is fucking spectacular. I also know how much the “bringing in of everything else” costs.

I love her. So much.

Will $350 cover me & the Mister’s dinner & whatnot? I’m feeling like it should be more like $400, possibly, probably more. Or, am I over~thinking & over budgeting?


I want to COMPLETELY cover it, and then some.

Thoughts? Experience? Advice?