So remember this whole saga —

in which a company double charged me and my insurance and then refused to refund the negative balance on my account?

When we last checked in, they’d promised I would have my refund the first week in January. When I didn’t get it, I contacted the Patient Services department, and a representative spent the next two months assuring me weekly that the refund was “imminent.” When I finally lost my patience and said that the refund had been “pending” for 9 months, that it had long passed the point of absurdity and I wanted my money, she told me there were 6 requests ahead of mine and they weren’t even going to start processing mine until all of those had been paid.

So I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It took awhile — I had to send them a HIPAA waiver, and then the company took more than a month to respond to the BBB request — but they just called me, said they mailed the check today and gave me a FedEx tracking number.

So... success! And it only took them nearly a year to give them back my own money!