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Welcome To The Bitchery

Someone fake kidnapped my brother-in-law today. My husband got a phone call from a local cell number stating that they had his brother and wanted $2000. My husband, being the loving brother that he is (and slightly panicked) immediately promised to give them the money, got dressed, and left. I called 911 as he was leaving, yelled out our window to get him to come back inside, then called his brother's cell. His brother was at their parents house hanging out with their dad. He was not kidnapped from a gas station somewhere.

I googled the phone number and it's a known scam. http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-3…. These idiots have been using the same number for this scam for 3 weeks now. Similar stories from every person. We're waiting for the cops to show up so we can make a report.


The 911 operator said that she immediately knew it was a scam because they didn't know his brother's name and they didn't give a location to bring the money. So remember friends, real kidnappers are a lot more competent than these idiots.

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