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... she had the audience scream "EAT THE CAKE, ANNA MAE", so I guess they're doubling down on that one?


1) THE AUDIENCE. Women of ALL colours, shapes, and styles, oh my god. I didn't realize that the audiences of concerts I go to are usually skinny white girls under 23, until I actually saw a diverse audience ROCKING REALLY SEXY CLOTHING ACROSS THE SPECTRUM. It was amazing. And the clothes, my god, Beyoncé fans really know how to dress. It was like this video, all over the damn place:


And it made me wish I'd had the courage to try something a little more adventurous. Next time!!

2) BEYONCÉ. She was so amazing to the fans and the audience, and she seemed like she was having such a great time! She would crack up before and after making crazy moves she knew would make the audience go wild. She'd start grinning when the crowd got really loud, and she is so expressive with her eyes, it felt like she was saying "oh, you guys" with this sly, growing smile as the audience got louder and louder and LOUDER in reaction to that damn beautiful face! Did that make sense? I'm trying.


3) BEYONCÉ AGAIN. Did I mention that she was amazing to the fans? She touched hands and made eye contact, smiled at people at the edge of the stage, gestured when she loved someone's t-shirt. Compared to Resting Bitch Face Jay Z and his Grumpy McGrumperson hand-touches with fans, she was a gracious, wonderful human being. There was this one moment where she rolled around on the ground maybe a foot away from a bunch of women at the side of the stage, while she was smiling and looking at them, and they died, and it was beautiful.


4) BEYONCÉ. CAN. DANCE. Oh my gosh. And so can her backup dancers. Wow.


5) SEXUAL AGENCY. I know this is a controversial topic in feminism (maybe not as much around GT as elsewhere, but still). But god damn Beyoncé owns her body. There were a lot of parts that might be called 'objectifying' by a news source or parents or radfems or someone. But when she shook her ass, she laughed, and she seemed like she was loving it. While simultaneously saying "you can look, cause I say so, but you can't touch!" And I loved her.

The internet can have Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé is my fantasy BFF. <3

But, that Anna Mae line, though... have we heard any news on that? Have they responded in any way? I'd heard about Bey singing along to Jay Z's line in previous concerts, but not actually getting the audience to sing it the second time he says it. Yiiikes.


Also, I keep seeing the claim that Beyoncé has an all-female staff and backup dancers, but the dancers she featured most were twin guys who were really kickass dancers. But they were definitely men, and she referred to them as "the twins", and none of the female dancers got the kind of spotlight they did (Google tells me they are called 'Les Twins'). So, that.


Thank you for reading this ode to Beyoncé!

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