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"Beyonce" to Debut at Number 1 on Billboard 200

What's another Beyonce post this weekend? Amiright?

So, we all know Bey launched her surprise album on Friday at midnight (on the East Coast). Launching on a Friday means that Bey did not get the benefit of three sales days as the album tracking week always starts on a Tuesday (and albums are always launched on Tuesday).

But, Bey does not care about any of that. Why should she, when her self-titled album is pulling these numbers...


Albums Sold in First 3 Hours: 80,000

Friday Sales Total: 350,000

Total as of Today: 430,000

With just two days left in the sales tracking week, Bey is on pace to sell approximately 600,000. Keep in mind, physical CD's are not in stores and iTunes is the only place to download "Beyonce."

So, with that said, I'm just going to let Beyonce speak for herself...


Source: Billboard

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