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Beyonce vs Bikini Kill Has To Stahp: A Rant

I'm happy to see a high-profile woman, especially a Woman of Color, empower people (especially People of Color) to embrace the mantle of feminism. One thing, though, has to stop. Hell, it needs to STAHP because I'm seeing it around tumblr,and it's irritating me, so I'll have to use tumblr!speak to get my point accross:

Stop it with the Bikini Kill vs Beyonce business.

I'm not saying this as a la-dee-daa "why can't we all get along and support every single woman on earth?"sense. All this sudden praising of African American girl groups of the 90s over the riot grrl bands of that decade is forgetting that there are plenty of black girls who like Bikini Kill more than Beyonce, and we are being thrown under the bus.


I take it personally when people diss Bikini Kill in favor of Beyonce or Destiny's Child because Bikini Kill is what empowers me as a feminist. I listen to their songs, the lyrics to those songs, and I can feel years of screaming for when I didn't know what to yell finally get out.Beyonce probably gives that voice to a lot of other people, but for me, it's a bit too polished to really encapsulate my emotions. So I turn to Bikini Kill, And The X-Ray Speks because I don't want to sing. I want to scream.

I feel a pressure, though, to love Beyonce and her music because she's black, female, and feminist. That's what I am, right?No! I like rock music in almost all of it's forms, and Beyonce's music hasn't really moved me beyond enjoying the catchiness of the melody.It doesn't speak to me, which is what I look for in music. I wish her luck in all of her endeavors, but her music doesn't speak to me. Her version of feminism and femininity doesn't speak to me, either. I don't want to make a big deal of my opinion because Preferences, but I feel like there is this blacklash against the riot grrl as if only white people were involved or inspired by it, and that particularly pisses me off. I could go on about how too many black people have been drinking the kool aide that black people only like mainstream music...but that's for another rant.

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