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Welcome To The Bitchery

Beyonce's New Song/Ad for H&M Is Here


I believe this was shot at the exclusive Polynesian Resort at Disney World Orlando. In this spot, Beyonce channels all the acting expertise she gained working with master thespians Cuba Gooding Jr and Ali Larter. As you can see, in this short film she is appearing as "Mrs. Carter," which is basically her married name. Beyonce is such a magical transforming superstar that she has actually now tranformed herself into herself.


All the fronds on those trees wish they flowed as perfectly through the wind as Beyonce's hair. I'm being told by sources who worked on the set that each grain of sand was actually hand crafted by an artisanal sand expert in the exclusive gifting and resort community of Kissimmee, Florida, near where the video was filmed.

Now, let us all engage in the ancient customs that follow every blog post about Beyonce, the sharing of comments about how overrated she is and spending the rest of the workday googling "Beyonce Bad Superbowl Pictures."

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