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BF and GF both much better

We took them to our own vet. The vet looked at them. They did not like the finger test. I will let you figure it out. The vet put them on probiotics for a week. No snacks. Bland food. They do love rice and chicken.

GF still has not pooped today but after so much diarhea yesterday and the evening I am not shocked.

While waiting for the vet GF tried jumping up on strangers and both barked at strange dogs. This was the morning.


Oh BF tried mounting her around 3pm, she tried going after his back legs. This was after they slept curled up. They seem better. If they were not feeling well mounting nor backleg grabbing would have happened.

Thank you all for your well wishes. They are grateful too. GF sends licks. BF just wants snacks.

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