BF: Daddy you went for your teeth to be cleaned?


GF: At least you we're sleeping.


BF: eek.

Yup wide awake. Four hands in my mouth too.

BF: EEK when your mommy puts her finger to clean my teeth its scary. Twenty fingers. Hold me GF.

GF: And a biped finger is bigger then your dinky BF but not as good looking.

BF: Eeeeeek. Stop looking at my dinky GF.

GF: Sheesh.

Well one had her hands occupied holding clamps against my inner cheeks. But the hygenist did put lotion on my gums to numb it. The clamps.were metal.


GF: Poor.father I would have cleaned your teeth and gotten any food between. I assume the tooth vet used their tongue.

Gross. Well maybe that woild not have been. She used a scrapper and a polisher.

BF; Scrapper like what you clean the car window with. GF hold me tighter.

No its tiny and makes a sound.

GF: Father that sounds totally dreadful.

Worst the hygenist told me to put my neck back. The assistamt told me to neck. How could I relax my neck when the assistant was pushing my cheeks upwards. Then they charged almost 200 for the cleaning. Oh I go back in four months. They woud like me to go every three months.


BF: Daddy you are a brave daddy. GF tonight will be filled with nightmares.

GF: Idiot I could have just licked the teeth. Now BF is cowering in the corner.

Going to pick him up and put him on my lap.

BF: Daddy this scary story deserves a snack for me.