BF: "Daddy why do you bipeds make life soooo confusing. This ISIS is scary".

Me: I know why do you think that.

BF: Well the sun is life it makes us warm, it makes flowers turn color, and leaves to fall so I can pee on them.

GF: Father why do you think we like laying in the suns rays. The warmth and life.

BF: Its so simple all nonbipeds know this. We don't think about it. Bipeds are so stupid and overcomplicate life.


GF: Father its really tragic. In our memories Isis was the first biped who joined us in death to the sun where allof us go. This new ISIS poops badly on her memory.

Me: Wasn't she a cat person?

GF: Sillyfather we are tailed and 4 legged. All go to the sun and shine on the earth and ride the rays. Beloved humans join us. Can we have a snack now.


Me: Fine but we will continue this later.