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BF and GF (dogs) went a bit nutty prior to the thunderstorm

I was in the bathroom when BF ran in and sat next to my toilet. I did hear a distant rumble. I got up and GF ran into my bedroom, squated on the rug in front of my bed, peed THEN licked it up before running under it. I never, ever saw her do that before. BF insisted on staying in the bathroom, GF followed me downstairs then sat next to me. Why do they go to me? Not my mother who feeds them. No me. Like I can stop the storm. I cannot. My theory is I am taller and if anything gets struck by lightning it will be me thus in their minds I am safer. Even at night GF will jump from my mothers bed push her way through the barrier to be in my bed during a tstorm. Who do your dogs go to?


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