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Welcome To The Bitchery

GF: I think sad and woe is kind of the same.

BF: Leaving it. Sounds neater.

BF: Daddy and his mommy went shopping at a grocery store. Its where they sell food to humans.


GF: We should go with them to pick out better food.

BF: Anyways they got a package of four cupcakes. They looked so good.

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GF: That’s neither of us but that reaction seems perfect.

BF: So daddy went to his bathroom. He loves the bathroom. Then he came down.

GF: Did Father go for the cupcake then? Nope.

BF: He did take us out.

GF: I kept thinking of licking the frosting of his fingers.

BF: I was thinking of using my tongue to snag some off the plate.

BF: So this is what happened.

Daddy opened the fridge. What is a nice sound then that.

Daddy: Mom where are the cupcakes.

GF: Father tends to be bad at finding things in there or food closet. How he locates his bedroom is often a mystery.


His Mommy: Look on the door.

Daddy: All I see are small pieces of chocolate cake.

His Mommy: Those are the cupcakes I threw out the frosting. I used a knife to scrape it off. Frosting is not good for you.


GF: HUMANS! What human would do this? I was so looking forward to licking his hand. Also frosting is good for you, if it tastes good its good for you.

BF: Humans do not get that concept.

GF: Father did improvise. He put tapioca pudding and whipped cream on top. Sadly it meant he used a fork.


GF: Why can’t humans eat with their hands this way we can lick some off the fingers.

BF: Plus daddy tends to defend whipped cream like a goalie at a hockey game.

BF: A tale of sadness and woe.

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