Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

ME: Yes I heard her yell “What did you do” when I was in the bathroom.

BF: There were mints in her handbag.

Me: You cannot eat mints.

BF: They smelled good.

Me: So let’s see you took the bag off the low table.

BF: Yup I am strong.

Me: There were pens all over the floor.

BF: They smelled inedible so I pulled them out.

GF: They explode father.

Me: I remember that day well when we came home and you had blue ink on your face and lots on the floor. That’s why no pens are ever in reaching distance.


Me: Next pieces of tissue paper torn to shreds all over the floor.

BF: They were in the way.

Me: So you tore them up?

BF: I always hear your mommy say “just half a sheet”

Me: That’s for paper towels not tissues.

BF: Oh.

Me: all that mess did you get the mints?

BF: No. Your mommy hid it well.

Me: Yes it was in a zipper portion. Plus you should not eat hard mints which need sucking.


BF: That hard work deserves a snack.

Me: I will ask my mother if you can have a snack.

BF: oh never mind.


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