Me: No. Because the people here are selling paintings they create. The wood is frames for the pictures.

GF: Father it is confusing. Wood is what he likes to pee against how should we know one piece of wood is ok not others.

Me: He does not pee against wood in the house.

BF: That’s different its not outside. Let’s face it the art is bad.

Me: How is it bad?

GF: Paintings should tell us what they ate, drank and how they feel. It also let’s others know they were there. These paintings are no more artistic then your scribbles on the screen. BF is a good painter. I like sniffing it when he is done. He is an artiste with an e on the end.

BF: When Daddy and his mommy were out you made a nice painting on that fake grass (carpet) next to the large table.

GF: It was a message for the Goddess to send the Sky Lord away who was yelling and sending flashes away. I callled it “Goddess Send Sky Lord Away”.

Me: My mother had another name for it “How The Hell Did She Break Into The Dining Room And Create A Mess”.


GF: Your mother does not appreciate fine art.

BF: Slabs of dried and edible meat would be better hanging on the wall.

Me: I could kinda live with that like beef jerky.

GF: Yes father.

Me: You know who would never go along with this.

GF and BF together: Your mother.