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GF: Yeah right. Any more cheese.

Background. My mother made sandwiches using french bread. Looked a bit like this. So I was eating it with both hands. My mother also put pieces of cheese on the plate. It looked like this but white and a few more. I was eating and watching tv when BF leapt up grabbed the cheese and jumped down.


Me: I was going to eat the cheese next. Why did you grab it.

BF: Hands were not on cheese thus did not think you would eat it.

Me: You mean right that second.

GF: Father she took advantage of you.

Me: BF that was wrong. Do not do that again.

My mother entering room with her plate to eat her sandwich and cheese.: What happened?

Me: He jumped up grabbed the cheese and jumped down.,

My mother: What were you doing?

Me: Both hands were on the sandwich.

My mother: Did you steal cheese from your daddy’s plate.

GF: Oh god here it comes. 3, 2, 1

BF puts his front paws on her legs tail wagging.

My mother inviting hIm up on her chair: He can do no wrong. No he can’t.

GF jumping on my lap. Father this silliness has got to stop. Oh god your mother just repeated it.


Me handing her a piece of chicken.

GF: I would rather have chicken then cheese. Yummy. Now more.

BF: Chicken?

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