Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

BF did an extremely stupid thing

We were at the vets. BF needed a distemper shot.

BF: My temper is fine.

Well my mother checked him in while I sat in the waiting area. A man comes in with a Rotweiller, not large circa 50 pounds. Well BF and GF are about 15 pounds.


The man said his dog that she was very friendly. GF and the rottweiller sniffed each others face.

GF: We were getting to know each other then my stupid BF.

Yup he growled and snapped at the rottweiller.

BF: She could have been dangerous.

GF: We were sniffing. Idiot.

I yanked them back.

Then we were called in.

BF: Some strange man held me while a lady poked me around the shoulders. Very impolite of her.


I am sure she is a good vet.

Then we went back to the waiting rooom while my mother paid.

GF: Then some.really nice woman got on the floor to pat us that was nice and BF behaved himself.


Lesson keep BF away from other dogs. GF loves other dogs sadly it never rubbed off on BF.

GF: He is stupid at times and always stubborn.

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