BF: The sky isn't booming or flashing (thunderstorm) or sending water heavily down yet GF is always with daddy on his chair. She still grabs my legs and thingie though then she is Crazy Lady. We even went to a biped vampire (vet) everything was fine, daddy she took our blood she is a vampire, daddy you can be dumb at times, most bipeds are. Maybe its her age she is almost 10 which is getting old.

GF: Having father type this shows you must love me BF. You are a true boyfriend. Let me lick you.

BF: Oh no, its hunger, Daddy snack now. Hunger is making me say this. Hunger GF, hunger and well I, snack now (Wuss).

Me: The vet did say they were healthy except bad breath and lumps on GF which she said was normal for 10 year old dogs and to just watch it and slightly overweight.