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BF is still a terrible person. Also, help me choose lipstick.

THIS IS WHAT I NEED: I'm looking for a kiss proof red lipstick. Nothing too glossy, sticky, drying, caking, etc. I'm flexible on price and brand.

THIS IS WHY I NEED IT: My boyfriend and I are in this awkward limbo. We are waiting until we are face to face to "talk about our future." That date will be very soon. I am afraid of letting go and I know I will miss the great parts of our relationship, but I know (abstractly) that breaking up is for the best. Additionally, I'm getting ready to come home from my summer program. This summer has been the worst of my life for many reasons (the boyfriend is the least of them). I have a therapist for real therapy but I plan on supplementing with retail therapy.

PLEA FOR HELP: Please, help me look as fabulous as Jessica. I'm miserable, but perhaps I can fake it until I make it.


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