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BF you stole my mothers stollen slices

BF: Daddy it was quite tasty but dry. I wish she left her coffee out too. I have not had coffee in ages.

Me: Yes because my mother is getting better at not leaving her coffee out. Of course you would not have gotten the stollen if your girlfriend wasn’t acting crazy. Why can she not stay still for her leash to be put on like you.

GF: Father you and your mother need exercise that’s why I run back and forth between family room and kitchen.


Me: Yeah right.

BF: Daddy could you tell your mommy to leave coffee out on her table. Dry food like stollen needs it.

Me: The bowl of water is three feet away from her table. Also the stollen had peanut butter and jelly. At least mine did. No you are not going to drink coffee.

BF: It did and you should have shared with me.

GF: And me. Father it is not right he got some and I did not.

Me: He stole it. He was not entitled to it. Do I take from your food bowls? Maybe I should.



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