Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

BF: Your mommy's surprise was excellent (me translating)

I know you ate half the chocolate chip cookies that my mother bought and put on the floor in the dining room. Of course when I leave a box of food on the floor she always tells me not to because of you two. Yet she does the same.

You know you cannot eat chocolate.

GF: Thats why I was yelling at him to stop.

BF: She was yelling at me to share some.

Really GF? Not buying it.

You will be lucky if you do not get sick.

BF: Your mommy was not mad at me. I thought she would.

GF: How many times must she sing to you "You can do no wrong" before it sinks in? Sheesh.


BF: Don't know. Are you mad at me daddy?

No. You were not the one leaving the box of chocolate chip cookies on the dining room floor.


BF: Does this mean I can have a snack.

GF: Maybe thats pushing it but if he gets a snack I want one too.

NO and NO.

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