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BFF Breakup?

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I think the BFF and I are breaking up.
It's really strange, but our relationship just seems to be on its last legs. The problems we have always had have ballooned recently, but neither of us seems terribly interested in addressing them.


We have known each other since we started Sunday School together as toddlers. We didn't get close until 7th grade, and we joined high school band together. Our moms were pretty close while we were in high school, and we would all go out shopping or to the movies together. We rolled yards, gossiped, crushed on the same boys, and went on vacations together.

She's hilarious. We have always been absolute goofballs with each other. She helped me to be a bit more impulsive, and I reined her in when she got carried away.
She was my Maid of Honor. Her sister was one of my bridesmaids.


When I had my first child, she fawned over him as much as any adoring aunt. When I thought my life was over because I was stuck in a trailer day after day with a 2 year old, she drug me out to bars to check out cheesy 80s cover bands.
She rode with me to see my dad the last day he was in the hospital. We knew he would be sent home the next day to die. She actually made my whole family laugh while we sat in that cold, white room.

I jerked the phone away from her as she allowed the asshole that had used her for years to degrade her. I told the motherfucker that if he ever spoke to her again, I'd hunt him down and hurt him. Badly.
I calmed her down when she was certain her life was doomed after being coerced into unprotected sex. I listened to her sadness as she allowed guy after guy to take advantage of her wonderful heart. I fought her to give up on the assholes, to convince that she deserved more. She still doesn't believe me.
We have cursed cancer together, sang show tunes together, gotten drunk on Green Apple Smirnoff's together, and danced to Poison together. How can this end? How do we walk away from one another?
I don't know, but I don't think we'll be BFF 4EVER.

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