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I am sure that someone posted something about Bibimbap this morning but I can't find it.

Anyways, that post got me craving Bibimbap, but there aren't any Korean restaurants in my town.

I did need to go into a nearby city to visit a walk in clinic, because after two weeks with the flu I developed conjunctivitis, so I stopped in at a Japanese/Korean place there. I got some Bibimbap for me, and some spicy Bulgogi for Mr Ivriniel. It's pretty good. I was so happy to see soybean sprouts in it. I haven't had soybean sprouts in ages, and they are infinitely superior to the mung bean sprouts.


The people at the restaurant were quite nice. I ordered the food for takeout and they brought me out a little bowl of soup for free while I waited.

This is the place.


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