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Bibliotherapy, and r/ayearofwarandpeace

Hello Groupthink! I’m AdsoOfMilk, and my user name is based on a kitty from one of my favorite series, Outlander. I’ve commented here and there, mainly on the Lazy Sunday Lit thread and Morning OTs, and this is my first post :)

For the last week I’ve participated in a community-focused reading challenge: Reading a chapter of War and Peace every day, for a year, over at r/ayearofwarandpeace. I like to settle in with a hot cup of jasmine, silver needle, or peppermint tea and read the chapter for the day, then the daily reflection/meditation written up by the user who came up with the challenge, Brian E. Denton. I also participate in the chapter discussions on Reddit, but the reflection and meditation are what I prefer.

Which leads me to the point of this post: Reading as a way to center yourself, relax, and to reflect on your day. I’ve mentioned in other comments that I have PTSD with comorbid anxiety and some depression. I’m doing all that I can to treat it, including an outpatient program, group and individual therapy, and EMDR (in a few months), but reading and writing are a core part of maintaining my mental health. Turns out that this is a thing: bibliotherapy.


So, what are your go-to stories for when you need them, good folks of GT? Do you have your favorite books nearby just for comfort? What is your reading routine? Do you have any stories that got you through some hard times?

I am working a bit from home today so replies may be slow, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

PS: Did you know that Leo Tolstoy also wrote children’s stories? “The Lion and the Puppy” was written for the village children that he taught. I am having a good chuckle over Tolstoy writing about puppies :p

Late Sunday Night edit: Thanks to all who read/participated in this thread! :D I’ve had such a nice time talking with all of you, and reading your thoughts and getting your book recs. I hope everyone has a great week!

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