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Biden and Racism

I keep thinking of Biden’s comment saying the segregationist bigot Senators called him son not boy. I thought back he said something that should have had more scrutiny and that was in 2008.


I keep thinking how Biden had said the boy/son comment before. It came across as too casual. I thought “I bet he said this before as a joke line”. I can so easily imagine him saying “hey it was just a harmless joke no harm was meant”. He is of that generation that said those things. A popular comic back when Biden was a Senator was a man called Don Rickles. His kind of “humor” was racial and ethnic stereotypes of the worst kind then he would say it was harmless jokes. White folks loved him I always thought it was a way to reveal their racism in which they thought was a safe place.


There was a term, in retrospect a dumb term since there really was no such thing, a casual racist. I think Biden would define that term. Yet they are really racist but just hide it very well yet their racism will always come out.

Biden is racist I just think he tries to hide it and I wonder if his support for Civil Rights is just for political expediency and I have no doubt he knows he is racist but tries to hide it. I hope he knows he is a racist and fights against it.


On MSNBC a guest said Biden is in danger of being seen as Trump lite with things he says. I firmly believe Biden would not do anything actively racist that would harm people but I wonder if his attitudes are that dissimilar.

The comment about President Obama then a Senator smacks of “white mans burden” in that he sees whites as superior and POC as people that need to be taken care of. His comment about Obama was like a parent proud his child is acting like an adult. I doubt Biden would ever admit it to anyone including himself yet that attitude is there. There is no way in early 70s Biden did not know what boy really meant. He knew it then, he knows it now.


Biden needs to drop out and more and more it proves President Obama was right not wanting Biden to run in 2016 and backed Hillary.

We need a new generation to push us forward.

I could be wrong in my analysis of Biden it’s just what I keep thinking. 

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