I cruised over to Real Clear Politics, as one does, and was amazed to discover that old fart Joe Biden is still way, way ahead in 2020 polling. Other old fart Bernie Sanders is second. Kamala Harris is third.

With Klobuchar’s entry into the race, along with Gillibrand, Warren, and Harris, (I am ignoring Gabbard on purpose) I was feeling pretty good but that was a bucket of cold water. Apparently any random old white dude is better than all women. But we already knew that. Because the devil himself is president.

But more than the polls, which are after all ridiculously early and probably not all that meaningful, I’m discouraged because the narratives surrounding the candidates are playing out in ways that resemble how they played out in 2016. Women are held to a higher standard and the press they get is unforgiving. Men are seen as human and women are not. I think Harris is doing a good job in attempting to counter that but it is a huge job. I don’t know. I’m afraid. The stakes are huge.