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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let me start off by saying Trump is obviously a racist, sexist, and dumb piece of shit. I’m fairly far left, and in my dreams Bernie and Biden both drop out and Warren cinches the nomination.

But...sometimes I feel lefty and center left media is almost as in much of a bubble that the Fox and conservative media types live in. They love to bash Nate Silver as being wrong about 2016 (and he is problematic on a personal level)—but the man was pretty damn close if you understand statistics (something I feel a lot of people don’t necessarily grasp). Nate’s consistently pointed out that Biden polls significantly higher than other candidates and that it can’t necessarily be chalked up to name recognition—which Bernie has almost as much of at this point. Biden also recovered from his slump after being eviscerated by Kamala Harris at the last debate.

Biden did okay at this debate—not great, but not terrible either. And yet I sign on twitter and it’s all these pundits predicting that Biden is over for good, that all the candidates are running against Obama except Biden which shows where the Democratic party is nowadays, that Trump is a result of Obama’s failures (I see you Chris Hayes), etc. Nate, on the other hand, is giving them a bit of the reality check that hey—maybe the reason Biden polls significantly higher is because he’s not running against Obama.


Sometimes I just feel like I live in an Orwellian world. Did we all just magically erase the midterms where moderates and center left candidates dominated? And the Justice Dems failed to flip a single seat? Do online twitter folks realize that less than 10% of the population is on twitter? Do online twitter folks honestly believe that Obama is disliked by the majority of the Americans and the bulk of Americans want an AOC type of president? Do they honestly not see that M4A polls are weak as hell when people see it’s a version where private insurance is not available? People are claiming that progressives aren’t winning as much because of voter suppression—while ignoring that AOC, Caban, Bernie, etc. did extremely poorly with Black voters & in polling of Black voters...who are the biggest victims of voter suppression.

TLDR: Does anyone else feel like a big chunk of journalists don’t want to acknowledge that America is a lot more moderate than they want to acknowledge? Furthermore, does anyone feel there is more than a tinge of racism with the whole “Obama failed” schtick some of the lefty media is going on about....instead of acknowledging that people, the party, and the country as a whole has become more liberal since Obama was elected over a decade ago and that the party becoming more liberal is just a natural progression....and that it’s very common for the presidency to switch between parties.

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