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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Big Girl Britches: On and Up

Contemplating some (intentionally) bad decisions, this afternoon.

It's been a while since I got into any mischief, or gave mischief a reason to come looking for me. I've got big girl stuff to do and I'll get to it eventually, but for right now the nerves are a little raw and the feels are overwhelming.

So much of a new place is behaving until you can figure out which rules are flexible and which ones are for serious. So much of new people is smiling like you man it (even when you don't!) and doing Shiny Happy Hannah.

Shiny Happy Hannah I am not. I'm Fart Joke Janet. Shiny Happy Hannah is exhausting and right now, she can go and fuck herself.

FluterDude left me alone for Tornado Weekand I've been watching the sky literally dump death on people from our balcony. Last night was like a light show in the bedroom, even with the blinds closed tight. It's terrifying and humbling, all at the same time. (No wonder the locals are so religious. When the sky is so big, it feels like somebody's watching.) I feel small. And also puny.

FluterDude may come back to find that we now have FluterDogs instead of Dog. It's like reclaiming my identity, with bonus lap snuggles.

I might make some bad decisions, this weekend. Stay tuned.

Update: Sad news to report. I was literally on the way to the rescue when I got the call. Someone else adopted Howard.

It's probably for the best, but since I equated little Howie with getting my groove back, I haz a major sad.

His new family looks pretty great - it isn't the college student I feared for him. They got him another buddy and there are already four pics of him napping on the couch.

On to other things.


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