No, I'm not writing it today. I have something I'm working on in my own career that is very close to being submitted for publication (yay—-also, to MountainMomma, thanks for the time she gave me a very helpful comment about how to survive in Academia). But soon, very soon.

I really like discussing psychological theory and thought I'd make a series where I kind of rank them and talk about my feelings about them. I am asking for help—I'm not sure if you guys would even find this all that exciting but I'll ask anyway: Who are psychological theorists that you especially like (or dislike)? And maybe I can include them because there are so many that I can't necessarily include most of them—even most major theorists.

My bias, btw, is that I have both a strong grounding in psychoanalytic theory and increasingly, I find myself really much more of a constructionist, who believes much more in the ideas around making meaning in an individual and an existential sense than anything. I also really like systems theories, partly because I'm less interested in individuals than I am in their relationships to others.

Anyways, put your suggestions in and I will try to include them. I might try to break up posts into schools of thoughts and modalities.