Dynamite is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a 50% sale on over 1500 comics, including Gail Simone's Red Sonja.


Gail simone is a famous feminist who has been working hard to fight sexism in comic. She is the one who created the "Women in Refrigerator" site.

Somebody may find it ironic that a famous feminist is writing a comic about a half-naked heroine, but Simone has explained her reasoning about that. In short, it's all about context.

If you look at the covers in the link, Sonja is muscular, proud, defiant, about to kick serious ass, utterly and completely in control. Furthermore, Sonja is the female counterpart of Conan the Barbarian, aka Guy in Loincloth, so this isn't the typical "guy gets armour, girl gets bikini" case.

Anyway, the 50% sale is a great chance for people who don't normally read comics to check them out :)