So earlier today I wrote about Mr. I being called into a meeting and being accused of sexual harassment and death threats. During the meeting he was told that they were not involving the police.

Mr. I just got off the phone with a Police Officer. Nice.

So now we know what the allegations are. Most of them are bizarre. The officer says that people have said he has talked about owning machetes and knives, and that he has a bomb in his trunk. Mr. I has no idea what they talking about.


Admittedly, Mr. I did make an ill advised joke recently to someone to the effect of "I like you. If I decide to burn down the building, I will tell you first.". The person laughed and responded "Right back at you, buddy."

In any case, the officer said he was just calling to gauge Mr. I's state of mind, and after talking to him a bit, advised him to make an apology at work, and say he did not mean to upset anyone.

When Mr. I responded that he had been told not to do so by the VP because it would draw attention to him. The officer responded to this by saying attention has already been drawn to Mr I, and if Mr I wanted the officer to talk to the VP, about this, he would.

At the end of the convo, the officer said Mr. I seemed well grounded, and that he did not think he needed anything more from him. Mr. I also offered to come in and meet with the officer in person and was told it was not necessary. I also offered to speak with the officer, and was told it was not necessary.


So that seemed to go about as well as it could.