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Big thanks (and a smiley baby)!

In spite of all the crap going on with Gawker Media right now, GroupThink continues to show the good that exists in the online community. You guys are seriously amazing. Between the GT Emergency Fund and the wish list love, you guys really are a bright spot amidst the Sturm und Drang of life.

So without further ado, I’ll start issuing thanks. You guys have sent so many things from the wish list already, I’m just speechless. And I kid you not, my husband nearly cried at the prospect of not having to buy toilet paper for a while (or paper towels!). Toilet paper is a precious commodity for him.

My son is the stocker of the baby wipe containers in the house, and he wasted no time filling both the diaper bag wipes container and the changing station wipes container. He’s also a big fan of the canned chicken, which is so nice to have (we already used a can of it for one meal).


My daughter was very excited to get Alas, Babylon, which was the last book she needed for summer reading (we were able to borrow the other two from the library).

And the baby, well…she has had a heyday with the mesh fresh food feeders. She’s teething, so we took baby washcloths and wet them with distilled water, wadded them up and stuffed them in the feeders, then stuck the feeders in the freezer. She loves to chew on them, so it must feel good on her gums. We’ll be letting her try solid food soon, and the feeders, the freezer pops, and the baby food mill will all help immensely.

The pets are all well taken care of and pleased as well – with the arrival of cat food, dog food, and small critter litter.

I have not put the laundry detergent to use yet, but will soon, and the breast milk storage bags are already a huge help. I’d been using milk storage bottles since I ran out of bags, but they were getting mixed up in the fridge so that we weren’t sure which were older and which were newer.


Anyway, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you from our whole family!


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