Bumping this for the afternoon crowd. Yeah, I've not got a lot to do today at work, so I'm just promoting/learning to promote this. Share it with your friends. I will love you forever.

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that one of our own has kindly agreed to go through her makeup and do bi-monthly (is that the term? every fortnight? when the moon reaches waxing gibbous? whatever.) guest posts on mah blog! She's super great, and it's awesome having her on board the Coral Train! First one went up today, so you should all head on over there and check it out. I am envious of her makeup collection, for serious.

Also, I'm getting real-life business cards! SO if you ever see me in person, ask me for some and then annoy all your friends with them. If only I had them for this weekend to annoy all my family with... oh well, next time! Yeah, they're obnoxiously pink. Well, shades of coral, actually! Don't worry, I'll post pictures once I get them. I've also got a dedicated twitter now for it, at @50shadesofcoral. Follow me there for updates and (well, my mom thinks I'm funny at least) funny jokes about makeups. I'll try to stay on top of trends and weird stuff and happenings in the beauty world, to share them with you!

Hopefully there will be some other cool changes coming down the pipeline soon! Will keep you, my darlings, updated.

Fifty Shades of Coral

What all have you peeps been up to? Do you have a blog? TELL ME THINGS. I want to follow you if you do, because I'm a creeper.