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Big Things are Happening + Shoe Recs Needed!

Guess who's got 2 thumbs and is officially the Assistant Buyer at her store? THIS GIRL. It's in my email signature - that makes it official, right? It's not as prestigious as it sounds, because I'm really just taking over ordering that is just busy work for the actual buyer, not making any real buying decisions. But STILL. It feels good to be trusted to make those small decisions anyway. Especially since I've been at the store for less than a year.

Also, I found a dress for my bestie's wedding in May - some of you may have seen the panic post I made about it before deleting about 5 minutes later. My friends talked me down and convinced me that what I was panicking about was a no brainer. Here it is - isn't it PRETTY?


Now I just need SHOES. Suggestions? I'm thinking probably something nude? It's an outdoor/garden wedding, so I have to be able to walk in grass.

Tell me your big news, GT! What's going on with you guys tonight?

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