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Big Women:Big Love. Big No. No. No.

I love seeing plus-size women appear as something other than the funny sidekick friend. But this show is horrible, and I had so many problems with how it portrayed large women.

1. We are all not horny, desperate sluts. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But the main focus for all these women was finding a man. Any man. Humping men in bars. Humping gay men in bars.

2. We are all not drama queens. Some of us are. Some of us are sometimes.

3. We have actual lives and friends. We do not talk about our weight all the time. In fact I have friends with whom weight has never been a topic of conversation. WHAT.


4. I wanted to strangle the one with the incredibly grating voice who started crying every time someone referred to the group as a bunch of fat girls or used the word fat. You're on a fucking show called Big Women. If you cannot accept the fact that you're big, do not be on a show about big women.

5. Yes, it IS annoying if you've lost weight and you think you're better than women who have not, or who do not make losing weight the centerpiece of their lives. Also, no need to mention that you've lost weight in every conversation. If that's what you wanted, and you're happy, good for you.

In sum: Fat women are dentists and doctors and teachers and some of us are wearing make-up and Spanx and some of us are wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt and her "don't you fuck with me" teacher glasses right at this very minute. Some of us want to get laid tonight. Some of us dream of having someone long-term but that does not mean ANY DUDE WHO WILL TAKE US will do. And most of us do not speak in a voice that makes you want to throw yourself into a wall, just to knock yourself out and eliminate the screechy sound.

And some of us even acknowledge that we are fat. Like, actual fat. Can I have a different show now?

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