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A Kennesaw State University student was waiting for his advisor (and refusing to fill out a form, I guess) and had an encounter with an assistant that he recorded. Now the debate on twitter & elsewhere whether this is about race or whether she is just a shitty student services official. Anyone want odds that the next video is #WhiteLadysTears? ETA: Unsurprising, twitterati are reporting that KSU’s 4 year graduation rate is %15.

My high school counselor tried to convince me to go to an unaccredited college (one that prepared you for community college) because my “urban” ass would be happier there and then neglected to send off my recommendations to the better schools. (I was a fairly lackadaisical student, but was still in an honors track.) She was fired two years later when she tried to pull that shit on someone whose parents had clout. I always wondered how many people she fucked over before getting canned.

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